[S1E5] The Importance of Sharing our Kinks

RECORDED Live On THURSDAY 4TH June 2020 @ 7:00PM BST

Hello, I‘m Se7en, your kinky neighbourhood doggo. I have many interests and fetishes, live them out pretty openly and also like to write about them on a gay fetish magazine called sadosam.com.

I also interview other kinksters there and even stood in front and behind the camera a few times. I want to show the web what real positively lived fetish can actually be like, and to bring it nearer to people who are interested or curious. With a few years into these sorts of things, I had some quite fun experiences and insights, some of which you may hear ;).

So log in on the talk, and listen and interact with me as I flail my hands and ramble on about fetish media and its importance for the community.


This talk was free to attend as we believe in making these talks available for all! However, Se7en has asked that for this talk, rather than support a specific organisation, that you simply help the small kink businesses near you by considering them for your next purchase. Se7en has provided the following link to their website, where affiliate links directly go back to supporting their work via your purchase (18+ only).