Reading Event

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all in-person events are cancelled until further notice. Follow us on Twitter for updates for when we plan to return.

Pile-o-Pets Admins

What is pile-o-pets Reading?

Pile-o-Pets is a play event hosted in at The Face Bar in Reading on the third Sunday of every other month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov) from 12:00 to 17:00.

The gallery of photos from our March 2020 event are now available.

Getting to us

Pile-o-Pets is hosted at The Face Bar in Reading. The Face Bar offers an onsite bar, ATM and plenty of toilets (including accessible facilities). Regrettably, there is no step-free access.

Getting to us is simple, as Reading has great transport links:

Car► Point sat-nav to take you to: Ambrose Place, Reading, RG1 7JE
► There is limited reserved free car-parking available on site, on a first-come-first-serve basis. An alternative pay by the hour car park is available a 3min walk away from the venue.
Train► Reading Station is a major rail hub, and is the closest station, with the venue a 15min walk, or 10min bus journey away.
Taxi► Plenty of taxi firms are available in Reading, and with The Face Bar located near the town centre many will gladly name their price upfront.
Bus► Many buses form nearby towns / cities terminate at either Reading Train Station or Mereoak Park & Ride – both of which have frequent and reliable bus links to Reading town centre, then a short walk to Face Bar.

Event Rules

To keep the events safe and fun for all, we have some basic guidelines that we expect all pets to follow at our events.

PoP-R is a safe for work (SFW) event. We will not accept any sexual interaction or anything deemed to be arousing while at the event (sorry pups – this also means no plug tails). Additionally, refer to our dress code. We ask that clothing maintains minimum swimwear coverage.

Pile-o-Pets is an inclusive event. Everyone is welcome—no matter your sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, fetish, kinks, gear etc. Any form of bullying or discrimination will not be accepted.

Dress Code
Any fetish wear is perfectly acceptable, including fursuits, rubber, leather, neoprene etc. We ask a minimum of swimwear coverage. If crawling on the floor we advise the use of knee pads.

Photographs are a great way to remember the event and we encourage you to take as many as you want! We do ask however, that you are mindful of who is in your shot – and you have permission to share images of those in your photos.

At the event we use a colour coded lanyard system to help you quickly identify who is happy to be photographed, you’ll be offered one in the colour of your choice on entry. We ask all guests to respect the photography codes.
Red – No photos of me whatsoever
Yellow – Photos of me where my face is covered (by hood, turned away, or otherwise obscured)
Purple – Go ahead! Happy for all photos.

Additionally, we will ask for group photos at the event. We wish to make all aware however, these will be used for our social media and website – so we ask if you’re not comfortable with this to please self-exclude from the photos.

Ask for consent before engaging any play or petting anyone.

We hope you’ll have fun and enjoy your time with us! However, any problems? Please speak with one of the admins, we are always here to help you have an enjoyable time.